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I love to create and be part of the Team that makes things happen, often behind the curtain, but always in the mix. Any role I can take to make the production better, a "jack-of-all-trades".

Joseph Moreno

Creative Designer & Producer From Denver

Creative Specialist (Compositing , Animation, Simulation). Camera Operation, interview and talent, B-roll, ENG, Sports, broadcast and film. Experienced leader of freelance and in-house production teams; Creative production of web and broadcast packages; Creator of Social media campaigns; Project management and tracking.

Ability to meet tough deadlines with finesse; Efficient, thorough worker with an eye for the finished product; Quick mastery of complicated programs and procedures.

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A little about previous employers and projects.

Director of Creative Services - University of Denver



Started at the University of Denver in October of 2005. Moved into the role of Creative Director in 2014 when the University took on more TV and internal sponsorship.

  • * Created project management workflow, which streamlined creative services task list.
  • * Created Social media initiatives and analytical tracking.
  • * Created and produced in-game elements, including videos, graphics, and animations, for all intercollegiate sports at the University of Denver and other university-sponsored events.
  • * Developed all graphics for university sponsors, including Pepsi, Frontier Airlines, and Coors.
  • * Directed and produced games, B-roll packages, and promotional pieces for webcasts and broadcast, which garnered a exponential average annual viewership.
  • * Managed talent, interviews, crew, and interns for broadcast and events, ensuring efficient and effective team operations.
  • * Repaired and maintained technical equipment (cameras, computers, scoring), including the setup and teardown of all events.

Director of Creative - ONEROM



Working with top GIS and Minning management firms to create presentations of Geological data and visualization.

  • * Produced geological, construction, environmental animations.
  • * Developed and produced all graphics for broadcast, presentation, and corporate commercials.
  • * Managed interviews and talent, along with networking business relationships to ensure delivery and project efficiency.

Broadcast Producer - NBC



A Good start in the world of Broadcast.

  • * Produced the morning show daily news broadcast, viewed on average by an average of 1000 households.
  • * Developed and produced all graphics for broadcast, promotions, and sponsor commercials.
  • * Managed interviews and talent, shaping news stories that were informative and entertaining to viewers.
  • * Covered breaking news as it happened, including local politics, United States immigrant assistance initiative, and the 2005 NBA All-Star Game.
  • *Cultivated a partnership with 9 News to share footage and B-roll, resulting in the further development of the Telemundo morning News.

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I can help create stunning visuals for your next campaign!

  • Develop / Storyboard
  • Produce / Create Deliverables
  • Marketing / Research
300-3,500 $


Comercials, Social media, Packages, Music Videos, Training - For Web or Broadcast. Packages can include Motion graphics and animation.

Produce deliverables that can be used across multiple platforms. Let's talk about options for your Project!

  • Research / Develop
  • User Interfaces / Photography
  • Logos / Marketing
50-500 $

Graphic design

Creating logos, Marketing Campaigns, Photo Correction and layout- for print and social media.

Produce deliverables that can be used across multiple platforms. Let's talk about options for your Project!

  • Develop / Simulation
  • Storyboard / Render
  • Motion Graphics / Create Deliverables
100-4,000 $


Create 3D assets for Print, Simulation, Motion Graphics, Architectural Design, Industrial Design, Product Campaign.

Produce deliverables that can be used across multiple platforms. Let's talk about options for your Project!

  • Develop / Marketing
  • User inerface / Photography
  • Flayers / Research
100-3250 $

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What i do


Some of the thing I might be good at.

Project Management, and maintaining goals within a budget.

  • Interview / Scripting skills
  • Photography / Video / Lighting skills
  • Marketing / Development / Diversity skills
ADOBE Creative Suite
3D Animation
Web Design

Languages Skills

"SPANISH" - Said in Spanish

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